Our Story, our Products

09c9080f-7bc7-450a-83e1-cf6a19024215.jpeg                                                                                                                       Michelle Ostaseski has always been obsessed with making women feel their best. Working from clothing retail, to the Garment Center to owning her own boutique, She would constantly see a stylish outfit get underwhelmed by seeing bra straps. It wasn't until one day, when she saw 3 girls feeling incredibly uncomfortable about their straps, Michelle knew it had to end. 

Michelle's idea to hide straps turned into an incredible wardrobe must have because she found not only did it hide straps but it gave so much more needed features that would change lives, including her own.

Always suffering from the aggravation of adjusting her bra strap back onto her shoulder, Michelle has been wearing The Strapper® ever since. Similar stories of different uses from kids overalls to sleep apnea masks (yes, sleep apnea masks) The Strapper® will only continue to grow, now even more so because of her newest patented product...

                         The Strapper® S-T-R-E-T-C-H 

Created so ALL women of any size can feel and be bra confident!


The Strapper® is dedicated to manufacturing a quality bra accessory made in the U.S.A. Our patented products have set the standard for quality accessories throughout the U.S. I believe that the best products provide innovative solutions to common problems that our customers have. All of our products have been developed using extensive feedback from existing customers and test wearers. We also welcome feedback at any time - Just let us know at: michelle@BraHthings.com 


These products have had many imitators and copycats, but ours is the original, patented and the best version. Remember, if the product you see in the store isn’t "H" shaped, you may be unhappy with the results! Buying the original patented Strapper you’re supporting a small business that manufactures quality products made in the U.S.A, rather than a large conglomerate that creates inferior products made in another country.


The Strapper® Tweens, Original and Stretch offer multiple benefits, each of which will increase your comfort and confidence in your appearance.

  1. Our products hold your bra straps in place, ensuring that they never show or slip down your shoulders. The Original and Stretch will help make your bra straps invisible under racerback tank tops and other tricky fashion items - without that uncomfortable feeling that you get from pulling your bra straps too tight! These two products can also be used to bring two bra straps closer together when you need more support or just want to hide them under your racer back shirt. Our products help keep your bra straps where you want them - don’t you hate that uncomfortable feeling of your bra straps as they slowly slide off your shoulders.
  2. The Strapper® Original and Stretch provide added lift to any bra - many of our clients report that the lift our products provide not only correct posture but give the illusion of having lost weight!
  3. Our products are tough because we are perfectionists. They’re made in both Wisconsin and Brooklyn where we can supervise the whole process, resulting in a made in the U.S.A. product that outperforms the rest. Our products come in multiple sizes so you can find the one that suits you and your bras the best! Fans of satin bra straps or more curvaceous ladies should look at the Stretch Strapper, while petite ladies may want to try the original Strapper. For more information, check out the details on our products page!