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Caught between a rock and a hard place.

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SO... As I am sitting here thinking of words to never offend. (I cherish when a woman feels great about herself)...   I think about why I created my product The Strapper® Stretch. Myself being a 30B, sometimes depending on the bra I wore, my "Original" Strapper would be uncomfortable by the end of the day.  I started giving random women my product and asked them their thoughts. Many were disappointed because they wanted it to work but either it was too tight or they couldn't bring their straps to the center of their back. In my mind I was letting down so many women. I started getting to work. Now here is my issue. Every woman who tries it, loves it BUT.... It seems mainstream believes the woman who would wear the Stretch are considered "PLUS SIZE". I wear the size 1 and I LOVE it! We sized our product according to comfortability, Not body or even boob size. 36DD is the average size for a woman in America. Our Size 2 is our best seller! So please woman, Love yourself and don't listen to mainstream look at your character because ultimately that is what shines through!


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