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Caught between a rock and a hard place.

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SO... As I am sitting here thinking of words to never offend. (I cherish when a woman feels great about herself)...   I think about why I created my product The StrapperĀ® Stretch. Myself being a 30B, sometimes depending on the bra I wore, my "Original" Strapper would be uncomfortable by the end of the day.  I started giving random women my product and asked them their thoughts. Many were disappointed because they wanted it to work but either it was too tight or they couldn't bring their straps to the center of their back. In my mind I was letting down so many women. I started getting to work. Now here is my issue. Every woman who tries it, loves it BUT.... It seems mainstream believes the woman who would wear the Stretch are considered "PLUS SIZE". I wear the size 1 and I LOVE it! We sized our product according to comfortability, Not body or even boob size. 36DD is the average size for a woman in America. Our Size 2 is our best seller! So please woman, Love yourself and don't listen to mainstream look at your character because ultimately that is what shines through!

We are starting to roll out some of the Prettiest and Sexiest Bralettes and Sets.

We are a bra accessory company. So what's next for us? More of our own innovative new to market products on the horizon. PLUS Bras!!! Starting to pre-order for the New Year we will be showcasing new products all year long. We are so excited for this next chapter to our company. Thank you to [...]

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Everything pink!???

I recently read an article, I should not be branding my product with pink. Today's women might get offended or think it's a stereo type. I would never want to offend anyone, but should I be offended? NO!!! It's a color, I love it, I use it and I hope you buy it! End of [...]

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Spring has Sprung in NY!!!

Sometimes it takes a little Vitamin D to get us motivated! Today pushed me to do some things that I was hesitating to do, but alas so happy i got it done because the Universe has agreed and has rewarded me! Thank you for the extra business that came my way. Every order big or [...]

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What is your definition of paradise?

I referenced #STYX Blue Collared Man "Paradise, can it be all I heard it was?" Well, because I sometimes need a push to keep going. Sometimes hitting a brick wall over and over can deter you from your "PARADISE". My paradise is a roof over my three babies heads and a nest egg when they graduate. [...]

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My life is an Oxymoron!

I am told to tell my story, But my story is a bit tragic. It entails backstabbing, stealing, pitfalls and loss. When i tell my story I am told I am too negative. Don't concentrate on the past. But it's my past that has made me stronger, more knowledgable and aware, and a bit thicker [...]

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Starting your own Business

When I was 32 I was fortunate enough to get a patent and start a Business.11 Years later I am still here but with a lot of scars. Battle wounds if you may from infringers.I did take some time off because I was deflated and I thought I was defeated. When you give 100% of yourself [...]

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This is my word of the YEAR! Big changes will be happening and they will only work if i am 1,000% in the game. I will NOT be distracted, I WILL not settle and I HAVE to kick ass! I have been knocked down further than I ever thought I could but my mind is now clear [...]

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The thick of it!

We are officially in the Holiday Shopping mode.Thanksgiving passed, Black Friday, Small Store Saturday and now Cyber Monday!We have your wardrobe needs from shoe savers to the ultimate bra necessity.Starting at $2.49www.theStrapper.com

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